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Biography of the speakers

Dr. Nicholas Negroponte

Biography and Career Highlights

  • Dr. Nicholas Negroponte is the co-founder (with Jerome B. Wiesner) of the MIT Media Lab (1985), which he directed for its first 20 years. 
  • A graduate of MIT, Negroponte was a pioneer in the field of computer-aided design and has been a member of the MIT faculty since 1966. 
  • He gave the first TED talk in 1984, as well as 13 since. 
  • He is author of the 1995 best seller, Being Digital, which has been translated into more than 40 languages. 
  • In 2005 he founded the non-profit One Laptop per Child, which deployed $1 billion of laptops for primary education in the developing world. 
  • In the private sector, Negroponte served on the board of directors of Motorola (for 15 years) and was general partner in a venture capital firm specializing in digital technologies for information and entertainment. 
  • He has personally provided start-up funds for more than 40 companies, including Zagats and Wired magazine.

Lecture Title Lecture Date
Biotechnology set to be the ‘next big wave of innovation’ 12 December 2018